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About Michel Online catalog

By far the most authoritative and complete online catalog for stamps, Michel Online boasts today:

  • More than 800,000 worldwide stamps cataloged
  • 2mil accurate and independent price listings
  • 400,000 high-quality pictures of the stamps
  • Includes the full searchable contents of more than 20 print catalogs (and, unlike print catalogs, does not become outdated)
  • English-language interface
  • Easy-search by country, region, issue, year of issue, year from-year to, color, topic, catalog no., face value
  • Weekly updates of the database
  • Available worldwide
  • Easy payments via credit card or PayPal
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Michel Circus Catalog 2020 – The Circus Is in Town [Review]

Again an incredible release from Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH – the first ever to my knowledge stamp catalog covering worldwide circus on stamps releases! The authoritative team that brings you the authoritative Michel Catalog for 110 years now leans in an attentive ear in the conversations in philatelic milieus and recognizes that thematic collections are the new black – so alongside regional catalogs, more and more thematic ones are being released.

AboutMichel Catalog – Circus – WorldwideOrder directly from here. | 1st issue, available since 11.09.2020 | 156 pages | paperback | 12k price notices| 1600 color illustrations| stamps until the second quarter of 2020 cataloged | German language | Check out also the awesome Michel Online Catalog here.

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Commonwealth Red Cross Centennial Stamps

I don’t know about you, but I like Commonwealth stamps. I think they are particularly interesting in that they teach us about the state of affairs in the British overseas empire as if taking a snapshot of the territories which were still under British rule at the time and at the same time they show an awesome organization (at least if we were to judge the postal system) of the said empire.

I have written before about Commonwealth stamps – more specifically about the 1953 Coronation stamps; and I think alongside Coronation, the Freedom from Hunger campaign and the Red Cross Centennial are some of the most interesting Commonwealth stamps.

The Commonewealth Red Cross Centennial stamps were all issued on 02-Sep, 1963, with two exceptions (the South Arabian Federation issued the stamps later on 25-Nov, 1963 and Tristan da Cunha issued the stamps on 01-Feb, 1964). But just imagine the logistic process of releasing simultaneously in so many territories in times that were not by far as reachable and in a world that for sure did not boast the mobility we now enjoy.

Each of the releases is made of 2 stamps with similar design – one in violet blue and one in anthracite black and feature for their most part the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the red cross. Few varieties from the common design are noticeable; for instance the New Hebrides and South Arabian Federation releases do not feature the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II at all (with the New Hebrides issue featuring in addition the note ‘RF’ for République française (English: French Republic); and the Tonga issue showing the effigy of Queen Salote Tupou III instead of Queen Elizabeth II. Also of note is the fact that the South Arabian Federation stamps are no. 1 and 2 respectively in catalog numbers, being the first issues of the territory.

Pictured above the releases of: Antigua; Acension; Bahamas; Basutoland; Betchuanaland Protectorate; Bermuda; British Guyana; British Honduras; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Dominica; Falkland Islands; Federation of South Arabia; Fiji; Gambia; Gibraltar; Gilbert & Ellice Islands; Grenanda.

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[Ended – Contest] Win a 2019 Belgium Millennial Minisheet

I don’t know about you, but I lived with the misconception that millennials are actually born with the new millennium, while in fact those born in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s are Generation Z. To be a millennial, your birth year should be roughly 1981 to 1996.

Also, if you are a millennial, you’re not the odd man out. Millennials represent a fair share of the world’s workforce. In world population numbers, they have just recently been outnumbered, still topping high at approx. 31% of the world population, but 1% short of representing the largest cohort, which now is proudly owned by Generation Z.

There are many myths and facts surrounding the Millennials and by the time of reading this article you must have heard your share of it: that they are tech-savvy to the point of being glued to smartphones, that they are self-centered and strongly reliant on their parents. That they ultimately are so empowered and well-represented across all scalables of the society that they drive a lot of (positive) change in the world.

What you might have not known is that they are also the first and best educated workforce of the world, taking in the previous decades’ efforts to provide free education in an always growing array of topics. Like most educated people, they are more prone to angst (ok, the self-centered bit also plays a part here). They killed the fun in some products (one internet claim is that Millennials killed mayo. I’m not joking) but also are fairly conservative otherwise. They like to read more in print than in digital format, which sounds weird until you realize a digital book still costs the same as a printed one, even if it doesn’t use any paper, requires no storage and no dispatching. But that’s a different story. Millennials are less the home owner type and also are known to marry late (but paradoxically still manage to lead in divorce demographics).

What for sure is known only by few – millennials have just recently been philatelically validated. Yes, they get their own stamps. And I don’t mean this in an underground, secret society kind of way, but out in the open: a whole minisheet of stamps that unveils to you, distrusting philatelist, nothing more and nothing less than The Anatomy of a Millennial.

It’s not a phantasy product, but a real minisheet issued on 17.06.2019 by the Belgian post. It is designed by Chrostin and sums up what being a millennial is in 5 stamps: conscious do-gooder, passion=work, contemporary romanticist, no place like home, digital native.

It actually looks pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Contest time!

I am offering one minisheet in mint for free. If you want to get it, here’s what you want to do:

Write a comment in the post below about the first time you heard the word millennial. The comment should be here and not on social media (although the post is going to be made available elsewhere, I just take into account the comments posted under this blogpost.

Ask your friends to vote up your comment.

I will check this post until 15.09.2020 and award the minisheet to the commenter gathering the most likes.

Good to know:

Use a real email address when you comment, otherwise I won’t be able to get in touch with you.

If you win, you will need to provide a real name and a real address to send to (it’s an obvious one, but last years on the internet taught me to not consider anything obvious anymore).

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New Releases from Greenland Post on Stamps

This post was made possible through the kindness of Post Greenland – the postal authorities from Greenland.

You can browse for new stamps releases and shop on the website. Additionally you can subscribe to the Greenland Collector – the subscription magazine for collectors of Greenland stamps!

Old Greenlandic banknotes (Issue #3, 21.06.2019)

For the third issue of Old Greenlandic banknotes, a series commenced in 2017, Greenland Post chose two banknotes issued in 1953. Original material from the Denmark National Bank, as well as the National Museum in Copenhagen and Post Greenland’s archives in Nuuk was used for inspiration by artist Bertil Skov Jørgensen.

The issue comprises 2 stamps, issued both as standalone and souvenir sheets.

The first stamp of the series, issued 21.06.2019
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2018/2019 Releases of Slovak Post on Stamps

It is with great joy that I am writing the following article, made possible by the amability of Slovenská Pošta (Slovak Post). From the very beginning, I have to come out as a big fan of Slovak philately. Whether we are talking about the careful and artful engraving of the stamps, continuing with pride the Czechoslovak Post tradition, or about the tasteful choice of topics, I am always pleasantly surprised by Slovak stamps.

Official website: (Available in Slovak and English) | Philately website: You can read more about the history behind each stamp issue, or order individual or bulk stamps directly from the website.

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2018 Releases of Macedonian Post on Stamps

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Македонска Пошта (Macedonian Post), the postal services of the Republic of North Macedonia. On you can find more about their stamp releases in English, Macedonian, and Albanian. Thank you for the awesome gift of the stamps and first day covers issued in 2018!

Jan-10: The 550th Anniversary of the Death of Skanderbeg

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US Space Exploration on Stamps

While the USPS issued numerous stamps dwelling on the topic of space exploration, in this article we are going to look at the beautiful stamps issued in 2000 with the occasion of the World Stamp Expo in Anaheim, CA.

A number of five sheets and blocks were issued on this occasion. A new one was issued daily, between Jul-07 and Jul-11, and each addressing a different topic of space exploration.

Space Achievement and Exploration

The first issue, of Jul-07, 2000 is a circular block featuring a concentric circular stamp with holographic foil showing the Earth from space. The stamp is a high nominal of $11.75.

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The Story of a Shot Painting on Stamps

Elder Nicolae, the Fiddler” (1906) is one of the best known paintings of Romanian painter Ștefan Luchian (1868-1916). Although Luchian excelled in the area of landscape and still life painting, there are a couple of well-known portraits signed by him, among which Gypsy flower sellers, laundresses, and children are captured in Impressionist style. A former student of the renowned Nicolae Grigorescu, and an avid admirer of Rembrandt and Correggio (whose works he copied during his 2-semester stay at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts), Luchian’s paintings are immediately recognized by Romanians due to his very personal touch. It is in this position that we find “Elder Nicolae, the Fiddler” – the portrait of a weary, anguished older man, caught in a moment that has little to do with his trade. Nicolae is resting, probably after vivacious carousing, where he conducted the entertainment of the merry-makers.

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Canadian Animals on Stamps

While there are literally hundreds of fauna-related stamps issued by Canadian Post, today I’m going to devote an article to the high-nominal series of engraved stamps depicting animals issued between 1997 and 2010. The series contains 9 high-quality engraved stamps, with a banknote-like quality. As commonly done with Canadian stamps, the names of the animals are featured bilingually in English and French. Their face value ranges from 1Can$ to 10Can$. Unlike other high nominal value stamps, these stamps are really usable (i.e. can be affixed to correspondence), therefore their value doubles as postal and philatelic products. Many countries issue nowadays stamps with absurdly high face value – which cannot be used for postage, and therefore are issued as philatelic items. However, the Canadian ones we are talking about can and are actually used as postage.

The first series, 1997


The first stamp issued was the Grizzly bear 8Can$ stamp in 1997.

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