Doraemon on Stamps

Doraemon (Japanese: ドラえもん) a.k.a. the Gadget Cat from the Future is the brainchild of  the cartoonist duo Fujiko Fujio (Japanese: 藤子 不二雄 ). Doraemon indeed comes from the future, from the 22nd century and his mission is to help the clumsy and lazy schoolchild Nobita Nobi (Japanese: 野比のび太). There are about 45 volumes of manga having Doraemon as main character, but Doraemon’s success did not limit to Japan and to manga. There are thousands of TV episodes of animes, books, memorabilia, and even a museum devoted to Doraemon.


I personally have a soft spot for Doraemon as the Doraemon manga (featuring the logo above) were among the first manga I read. Luckily, they are available in a learner’s pack of 10 volumes of bilingual manga, otherwise, I would have often had trouble with the original Japanese. Of course they are translated integrally in English, but where would be the fun?


Above you can see Doraemon’s debut (yes, he entered the 20th century through a desk drawer) and the effect he had on Nobita.

Since I mentioned Doraemon memorabilia, of course one item that could not be missing is Doraemon-themed stamps. Japan is the only country I know that has used Doraemon on stamps. It has done so since 1997, and the number of Doraemon stamps is ever growing.


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