Astrid Lindgren on Stamps

Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) is allegedly world’s fourth most translated author of literature for children, right after far-reaching names such as Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, or Enid Blyton. Her characters are world-famous, including Pippi Långstrump (Swedish original, in English: Pippi Longstocking). Recently, indirect references to her work and characters have been spotted in literature of an altogether different genre, most notably with Stieg Larsson , who used Pippi’s home Villa Villekulla as reference and another character’s name, Kalle Blomkvist, in his “Millennium” trilogy.




Russia honored the life and work of Astrid Lindgren with this 1992 stamp depicting her character Karlsson from “Karlsson on the Roof“. The book was made into an animation film in the 1970’s, and the film subsequently became very popular in the then USSR.

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