Astérix On Stamps

I have started collecting Astérix on stamps 2 decades ago when the French Post issued Astérix-themed stamps for Stamp Day. 2 decades later I am puzzled why there are so little Astérix stamps, given the fact that we are talking about a French epitome of an iconic comics character. There are of course the French stamps, and then some stamps issued by Belgium, Germany, and even Guernsey. But that’s about it. I think that Astérix is the perfect character for a stamp and can match so many collections.


The first Astérix were issued surprisingly neither by France or Belgium, but by Guernsey back in 2002.

The set of 5 stamps shows the salvage of a Gallo-Roman ship in the harbor of St. Peter Port from its building to its burning and saving. Asterix is shown only on the last stamp of the series – but the design of the entire 5-stamp set is in the recognizable pen of Albert Uderzo, the illustrator of the entire comic series which debuted in 1959.
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