Romanian Folk Costume on Stamps

Many countries take pride in the heritage of their traditional folk costumes, detailing at various degrees of individuality the differnet local flavors and epochs of the making of the traditional costume. Romania is no exception to this rule, its vividly colored and intricately woven traditional clothes being given voice on stamps on various occasions. Some regional varieties find themselves also on stamps of other countries as well – Moldova is one such example, due to the common heritage, but also Poland and Thailand rendered homage to Romanian traditional folk costumes in joint issues with Romania.

I excluded from the article examples of stamps in which the focus falls on something different than attire – the stamps featuring traditional folk costume but dedicated to traditions, dances, historical scenes, etc. – these deserving their own articles. I concentrated on the ones which showcase the varieties of local folk costume from traditional Romanian regions.


Let’s start with this early example of Romanian folk costume on stamps, issued in 1936.

Issued to celebrate the 6th anniversary of King Charles II’s accession to throne, it features stamps showing traditional attire from Oltenia, Banat, Săliște, Hațeg, Gorj, Neamț, and Bucovina. The majority concentrates on women’s traditional clothes, but there are two examples of men’s traditional clothing.

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