EUROPA (CEPT) 1976 Stamps: Handicrafts

I am not a big fan of EUROPA stamps, but when they are matching one of the topics I collect, I become all of a sudden more interested. Therefore, I have only a couple of complete EUROPA (CEPT) years in my collection – as long as it keeps alive my topical interests. One such occasion was the issue from the year 1976, when the selected topic was Handicrafts.

As many as 27 countries participated in the initiative. 1976 was the third year in the history of EUROPA stamps when each country could opt for their own design (up to 1973 the EUROPA issues featured the same design across the adept geographies). It’s an interesting collection, getting sort of harder to assemble in recent years, but still attainable. Below you can find the entries from the 27 countries (Andorra and Cyprus being counted twice due to their 2 autonomous postal authorities).




Pictured above: French Andorra issue; Spanish Andorra Issue.

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