Hi everyone!

This site is going to present little by little my stamp collection. It’s going to take a while, because there are about 44k stamps I want to showcase on the website.

About my collection

I started collecting stamps 30 years ago. I was introduced to this hobby by my grandmother, who also was a stamp collector. In the span of 30 years, a lot of things changed in philately. The designs of stamps and the techniques used to mint them changed, as well as the range of topics. Many countries excel in providing innovative and fresh ways to look at stamps. But at the same time, with the onset of the internet age, letters are being sent in smaller numbers, postal authorities issue stamps in lesser printruns and with higher (sometimes even absurd) face values. As a consequence, the number of stamp collectors decreased.

My collection includes stamps from all ages, and the range of topics is absolutely huge. I collect only mint stamps (MNH), but occasionally for a rarer and older item I would accept in my collection also a hinged stamp. Nowadays, the craze of hinging one’s stamps stopped, partly because of the showcasing possibilities, and partly because finally, the message sank in – hinging decreases the value of the stamp (not to mention that it ruins it irremediably).

I wrote more about my collection here.

About me 

I am 42 years old, and currently live in Poland. I enjoy vegetarian dishes, jogging, Japanese calligraphy and manga, French music from the ’50’s and the ’60’s, and reading.

About the website

The website showcases my collection, which means that the stamps featured are neither for sale nor for swap. If you have inquiries, please drop a line at: contact at philatelylately dot com or use the contact form from the website.