2019/2020 Releases of Slovak Post on Stamps

For 2018/2019 stamps, read here.

This article was made possible by the kindness of Slovenská Pošta. You can read in this article about stamps issued between May, 2019 and June, 2020.

Official websitehttps://www.posta.sk/en (Available in Slovak and English) | Philately websitehttps://www.pofis.sk/en/catalog/products You can read more about the history behind each stamp issue, or order individual or bulk stamps directly from the website.

Issue: 17.09.2019 | The 50th Anniversary of the Union of Slovak Philatelists | Design: Igor Benca | Printrun: 600,000 | Read more

Issue: 07.06.2020 | International Mathematical Olympics | Design: Ingrid Zámečniková | Printrun: 1,000,000 | Read more

The International Mathematics Olympics have been held continuously since 1959 and to date high school students from more than 100 countries participate. Slovakia participates in the Olympics every year and until 2018, students from Slovakia received 5 gold, 34 silver, and 69 bronze medals!

Issue: 15.06.2019 | President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Ċaputová | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 1,000,000 | Read more

Born in Bratislava in 1973, Zuzana Ċaputová is an alumna of Comenius University, Law Department, and mother of two. She is the first woman president of the Slovak Republic and at the same time the youngest person to become president, assuming the role of a president at the age of 45.

Issue: 21.06.2019 | Beauties of our Homeland: The Demänovská Ice Cave | Design: Rudolf Cigánik | Printrun: 150,000 | Read more

Issue: 27.09.2019 | The 100th Anniversary of the Conenius University | Design: Martin Činovský | Printrun: 200,000 | Read more

Issue: 28.08.2019 | The 75th Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising | Design: Peter Augustovič | Printrun: 500,000 | Read more

Issue: 03.09.2019 | The Biennial of Illustrations, Bratislava 2019 | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 350,000 | Read more

A prestigious international competition and exhibition, the Biennial of Illustrations from Bratislava is held since 1967, first in the House of Art, and since 2017 in the Slovak National Museum.

Issue: 06.09.2019 | The 400th Anniversary of the Martyr’s Death, Three Saintly Martyrs of Košice | Design: Marián Čapka | Printrun: 250,000 | Read more

The issue is dedicated to the saintly martyrs of Košice, who did not sacrifice their Catholic faith, and were tortured to death in 1619 by insurgent soldiers, both Bohemian Protestants, and Hungarian Lutherans. They were beautified by Pope Pius X and canonized by Pope John Paul II during his visit in Košice in 1995. The image from the stamp is taken from a book from 1737 (first published 1692), Ungaricae Sanctitatis Indicia, the original illustration belonging to Viennese artists Johann Jacob Hoffmann and Johann Sigismund Schott.

Issue: 10.09.2019 | The 100th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Conference | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 250,000 | Read more

Issue: 07.10.2019 | Joint issue with the People’s Republic of China: The Bronze Phalera from Podunajské Biskupice | Design: Wang Huming | Printrun: 250,000 | Read more

Issue: 07.10.2019 | Joint issue with the People’s Republic of China: The Silver Incense Burner of the Famen Temple | Design: 250,000 | Read more

Issue: 11.10.2019 | Nature Protection – Fruit Trees: Common Pear (Pyrus Communis)| Design: Karol Felix | Printrun: 80,000 | Read more

Issue: 18.10.2019 | Art: Ladislav Hudec | Design: Rudolf Cigánik | Printrun: 80,000 | Read more

The stamp represents a drawing of the house of the Shanghai business tycoonWu Tongwen, the so-called ‘Green Gouse’ designed between 1935-1938 by the architect Ladislav Hudec (1893-1958).

Issue: 18.10.2019 | Art: Ernest Zmeták | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 80,000 | Read more

The stamp pictures the painting Self-portrait with a paper hat (1961) of Ernest Zmeták (1919-2004).

Issue: 08.11.2019 | Christimas Mail 2019 | Design: Maroš Chovanec | Printrun: 200,000 | Read more

Issue: 08.11.2019 | Traditional Slovak Tinsmithing | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 1,500,000 | Read more

The work on the stamp was welded by the artistic tinsmith Peter Hlavatovič and is housed in the collection of the Považské Museum in Žilina.

Issue: 13.11.2019 | Joint issue with Czech Republic: The 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution | Design: Zdenĕk Netopil | Printrun: 80,000 | Read more

Issue: 22.11.2019 | Michal Bosák | Design: Marianna Žálec Varcholová | Printrun: 1,000,000 | Read more

Michal Bosák (1869-1937) was an important financier, patriot, and philantropist.

Issue: 03.12.2019 | Stamp day: Vincent Hložník | Design: Dušan Kállay | Printrun: 300,000 | Read more

Vincent Hložník (1919-1997) is an important figure of the Slovak modern fine art, with creations ranging from paintings, drawings, book illustrations to postage stamps.

Issue: 17.01.2020 | The 75th Anniversary of the Tragic Events in the Municipalities of Ostrý Grŭň and Kl’ak | Design: Rudolf Cigánik | Printrun: 200,000 | Read more

The stamp issue commemorates the numerous victims, men, women, and children from Ostrý Grŭň and Kl’ak, who were murdered between 21.01 and 26.01.1945 by the special anti-partisan unit Edelweiss during WW II.

Issue: 14.02.2020 | The 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations | Design: Marcel Benčik | Printrun: 770,000 | Read more

Issue: 28.02.2020 | The 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Slovak National Theater | Design: Daniela Olejníková | Printrun: 1,500,000 | Read more

Issue: 13.03.2020 | Easter 2020: The Traditional Slovak Blueprint | Design: Adrian Ferda | Printrun: 2,000,000 | Read more

The folk tradition of indigo cloth printing, dating back from 18th century is a very intricate art creating patterns in which the richness of detail is given by the deapth of the dye as well as its homogeneity.

Issue: 27.03.2020 | A joint issue with Italy: Milanofil 2020 – Act Now! | Design: Adrian Ferda | Printrun: 320,000 | Read more

Issue: 30.03.2020 | Andrej Sládkovič | Design: Karol Felix | Printrun: 1,000,000 | Read more

Andrej Sládkovič (1820-1872) is a poet, translator, literary critic and Evangelical priest, recognized as the first poet of the Romantic generation.

Issue: 30.04.2020 | EUROPA: Ancient Mail Routes – The Magna Via | Design: L’uboslav Pal’o | Printrun: 160,000 | Read more

Issue: 18.05.2020 | Joint issue with Poland: The 100th Anniversary of Birth of Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) | Design: Maciej Jędrysik | Printrun: 180,000 | Read more

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