Astérix On Stamps

I have started collecting Astérix on stamps 2 decades ago when the French Post issued Astérix-themed stamps for Stamp Day. 2 decades later I am puzzled why there are so little Astérix stamps, given the fact that we are talking about a French epitome of an iconic comics character. There are of course the French stamps, and then some stamps issued by Belgium, Germany, and even Guernsey. But that’s about it. I think that Astérix is the perfect character for a stamp and can match so many collections.


The first Astérix were issued surprisingly neither by France or Belgium, but by Guernsey back in 2002.

The set of 5 stamps shows the salvage of a Gallo-Roman ship in the harbor of St. Peter Port from its building to its burning and saving. Asterix is shown only on the last stamp of the series – but the design of the entire 5-stamp set is in the recognizable pen of Albert Uderzo, the illustrator of the entire comic series which debuted in 1959.


France has issued Asterix-themed stamps on three occasions: in 1999, 2009 and 2019 – marking the 40th, 50th and 60th anniversary of the comics series written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo.

The issue was occasioned by Stamp Day in 1999, but also by the 40th anniversary of the comic series. There is one stamp with vignette (pictured above in the booklet and the minisheet).

In 2009, for the 50 years anniversary of Asterix comics, France again issued a minisheet featuring irregularly-shaped stamps. It features one of the smallest stamps ever issued, picturing the dog Idéfix (English: jocularly translated as Dogmatix) but also one of the largest irregularly-shaped ones, featuring Obelix hauling a boulder which is coated in granite on the stamp.

Finally, the most recent French issued of Asterix-themed stamps was issued in 2019 for the 60th anniversary, featuring 12 self-adhesive stamps made available in booklets, each picturing an Asterix series character.


Probably the largest European issuer of comics themed stamps, Belgium, issued Asterix-themed stamps in 2005, with the occasion of the opening of the Mirror World Asterix Exhibition in Brussels, pictured below in sheetlet format.


Germany is the latest country to join the party with this minisheet of Asterix characters issued in 2015.

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Stamps featured in post: 31; Period: modern & contemporary (1992-2019); Pricing: low;  Michel Catalog no’s and prices: France Mi3367 – 1.5EUR; 4793-4797 – 11EUR; 7342-7353 – 24EUR; Belgium Mi3481-3486 – 9EUR; Germany – Mi3175-3177 – 3.2EUR; Guernsey Mi568-572 – 5.5EUR Availability: not readily available, may surface in online auctions.

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