New Releases from Greenland Post on Stamps

This post was made possible through the kindness of Post Greenland – the postal authorities from Greenland.

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Old Greenlandic banknotes (Issue #3, 21.06.2019)

For the third issue of Old Greenlandic banknotes, a series commenced in 2017, Greenland Post chose two banknotes issued in 1953. Original material from the Denmark National Bank, as well as the National Museum in Copenhagen and Post Greenland’s archives in Nuuk was used for inspiration by artist Bertil Skov Jørgensen.

The issue comprises 2 stamps, issued both as standalone and souvenir sheets.

The first stamp of the series, issued 21.06.2019
The souvenir sheet accompanying the first stamp of the series.
The second stamp of the series issues 21.06.2019
The souvenir sheet accompanying the second stamp of the series.

Greenland’s EUROPA stamps featuring birdsongs of national birds

While it is assumed that Greenland does not have its own national birds, there are many kinds of birds which are common. Therefore the EUROPA stamps of 2019 featuring national birds, feature some of these familiar birds. A first stamp depicts the Rock Ptarmigan and the Mallard, while a second one the Snow Bunting and the Common Raven.

The stamps were crafted by artist Naja Abelsen. I like these stamps a lot as they have a quite fairytale atmosphere to them, unlike many of this year’s EUROPA issues, which sort of concentrated on the purely ornithological aspects.

Here are the very beautiful stamps of the EUROPA series issued by Post Greenland on 21.06.2019. In addition, they were printed in booklet format, as self-adhesive stamps. Each booklet contains 6 of the two 2019 EUROPA stamps.
The booklet cover.
The inside upper half of the booklet.

New denomination of the definitive series of Queen Margrethe, issued 21.06.2019

A new value was added on 21.06.2019 to the definitive series commenced in 2012, featuring the same portrait of Queen Margrethe taken by Steen Brogaard and with artwork from Martin Mörck.

2019 Sepac Stamps – Old Residential Buildings, issue 21.06.2019

As residential buildings are an important part of cultural heritage, a unique building was chosen to illustrate the 2019 Sepac theme, old residential buildings. The house in question is Poul Egede’s house in Iliamanaq, built back in 1751 and restored a few years ago.

UNESCO Global Heritage Sites in Greenland on Stamps

The Aasivissuit-Nipisat area, located in Western Greenland and known to be a hunting area was added to UNESCO Global Heritage Site List in 2018. The stamp devoted to this site was designed by artist Julie Edel Hardenberg and was issued on 21.06.2019.

10th Anniversary of self-government in Greenland

After a referendum held in 2008, it was decided with a majority of over 75% for a greater autonomy of Greenland. The change came into place on 21.06.2009, when the Greenland Home Rule was replaced by the Self-Governance Act.

In order to celebrate the first decade of self-government, world-renowned artist Aka Høegh was commissioned the design of the stamp. Previously, the same artist designed the stamp issued on 21.06.2009, on the proclamation of independence of Greenland.

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