2018/2019 Releases of Slovak Post on Stamps

It is with great joy that I am writing the following article, made possible by the amability of Slovenská Pošta (Slovak Post). From the very beginning, I have to come out as a big fan of Slovak philately. Whether we are talking about the careful and artful engraving of the stamps, continuing with pride the Czechoslovak Post tradition, or about the tasteful choice of topics, I am always pleasantly surprised by Slovak stamps.

Official website: https://www.posta.sk/en (Available in Slovak and English) | Philately website: https://www.pofis.sk/en/catalog/products You can read more about the history behind each stamp issue, or order individual or bulk stamps directly from the website.

Issue: Jun-27, 2018 | “25th Anniversary of the Slovak Republic’s Membership in the Council of Europe” | Design: Igor Benca | Printrun: 240.000 | Read more

Issue: Jun-30, 2018 | “The 150th Anniversary of Establishment of Bratislava City Museum” | Design: Dušan Nágel | Printrun: 200.000 | Read more

Founded in 1868, the City Museum is one of the landmarks of picturesque Bratislava. Not only is it a central location for exhibitions, but it plays an important role in the vibrant cultural life of the city, through the organization of conferences and participation in educational programs.

Issue: Aug-21, 2018 | “Ladislav Bielik – The Bare-Chested Man” | Design and engraving: Rudolf Cigánik | Printrun: 60.000 | Read more

The stamp, here presented in its minisheet version represents an iconic photograph, taken by Ladislav Bielik during the 1968 invasion of former Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact countries. The photograph, considered one of the best photos of the 20th century, was taken in Bratislava on Aug-21, 1968, and represents Emil Gallo, a citizen who bares his chest in front of the invading tanks. The issue of the stamp commemorates 50 years since the tragic events of invasion of former Czechoslovakia.

Issue: Oct-12, 2018 | “Slovak Minerals” | Design: Karol Feliks & Rudolf Cigánik | Printrun: 60.000 | Read more

This two-stamp set represents two minerals: the libethenite and the euchrroite.

Issue: Oct-19, 2018 | “The Icon of Krásny Brod” | Design: František Horniak | Printrun: 80.000 | Read more

This beautiful 17th century icon is a masterpiece of the Greek Catholic Church from Krásny Brod. It was damaged and restored several times, and its stunning effect has not faded one bit. Of enormous interest for the believers and the researchers alike are the intricate patterns of the attire of Virgin Mary, as well as the text inscriptions on the icon.

Issue: Oct-26, 2018 | “The 100th Anniversary of Czechoslovakia” | Design: Igor Piačka | Engraving: Martin Činovský | Printrun: 210.000 | Read more

The stamp is inspired by a photograph of the folklorist K. Plicko, representing a hopefully looking Czech girl.

Issue: Nov-09, 2018 | “Christmas Mail” | Design: Linda Mészárosová, Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 1.000.000 | Read more

This fresh-looking stamp represents a drawing by an elementary school student, Linda Mészárosová, chosen by the Postage Stamp Design Commission following the “Christmas Mail 2017” contest organized by the Slovak post in schools countrywide.

Issue: Nov-09, 2018 | “Lithurgical Textiles” | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 1.500.000 | Read more

The stamp represents a detail from a 15th century chasuble, property of the Spiš Diocese.

Issue: Nov-27, 2018 | “Ottoman manuscript from the Bašagić’s Collection“, Joint issue with Turkey | Design: Adrian Ferda | Printrun: 100.000 | Read more

The stamp represents an Ottoman manuscript from the collection of Safvet beg Bašagić (1870-1934), a writer, historian and linguist from Sarajevo, director of the National Museum, vice-President and then President of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bašagić was a firm believer in amiable Yugoslav-Muslim relations. His collection is since 1997 included in the UNESCO Memory of the World collection.

Issue: Dec-03, 2018 | “Postage Stamp Day: Alfons Mucha – Hradčany” | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 250.000 | Read more

This beautifully designed stamp is issued in the Postage Stamp series. It is meant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Czechoslovak stamp. This first stamp was designed by the renowned Alfons Mucha, and represents an engraving of the frontal view of Hradčany Castle.

Issue: Jan-02, 2019 | “Charimanship of the Slovak Republic of the Organization for Security and Cooeperation in Europe (OSCE)” | Design: Adrian Ferda | Printrun: 1.500.000 | Read more

Issue: Mar-01, 2019 | “Personalities: Michael Strank” | Design: Igor Piačka | Printrun: 1.000.000 | Read more

For the 2019 Personalities series, the Slovak Post chose the personality of Michael Strank, although he is a lesser known personality in his native Slovakia. Strank was an active combat Marine, fighting through WWII in Iwo Jima. The stamp represents a photograph of the hero, taken by Joe Rosenthal. Although not recognized immediately, the figure of Stark is often used to illustrate combat-related representations; the most notable one is to be found on the bronze monument of the Arlington Military Cemetery in Washington, DC.

Issue: Mar-15, 2019 | “Easter: Traditional Slovak Tinsmithing” | Design: Vladislav Rostoka | Printrun: 2.000.000 | Read more

Issue: Mar-22, 2019 | “Joint issue with Slovenia: The Slovak Astronomical Clock of Stará Bystrica  and the Sundial in Pleterje” | Design: Jozef Česla | Printrun: 120.000 | Read more

Issue: Apr-04, 2019 | “The 75th Anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO)” | Design: Marián Komáček, František Horniak | Printrun: 1.500.000 | Read more

Issue: May-03, 2019 | “The Ice Hockey World Championship in Bratislava and Košice” | Design: Peter Uchnár | Printrun: 1.600.000 | Read more

Ice hockey is incredibly popular in both the Slovak and Czech Republics. The 2011 Ice Hockey Championship hosted in Slovakia is considered to date the largest-scale sports event held in the country. In May 2019, the World Championship is organized in two Slovak cities, Bratislava and Košice, with more than 400.000 worldwide fans expected to join the festivities and competitions.

Issue: May-03, 2019 | “The Czechoslovak Legions: Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880-1919)” | Design: Dušan Kállay | Printrun: 60.000 | Read more

Issue: May-03, 2019 | “EUROPA Rare Birds – The European Roller” | Design: Rudolf Cigánik | Printrun: 200.000 | Read more

For the 2019 EUROPA series, the Slovak Post chose the clearly photogenic European Roller (coracias garrulus). The turtledove-sized bird is indeed gorgeous, and it is known to inhabit vast territories from Europe to Asia. In fact, this bird is also mentioned in the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh. You would not guess, looking at it, its really efficient defence mechanisms: young European rollers in case of peril vomit onto themselves a foul-smelling, orange colored liquid, that deters the predators!

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