US Space Exploration on Stamps

While the USPS issued numerous stamps dwelling on the topic of space exploration, in this article we are going to look at the beautiful stamps issued in 2000 with the occasion of the World Stamp Expo in Anaheim, CA.

A number of five sheets and blocks were issued on this occasion. A new one was issued daily, between Jul-07 and Jul-11, and each addressing a different topic of space exploration.

Space Achievement and Exploration

The first issue, of Jul-07, 2000 is a circular block featuring a concentric circular stamp with holographic foil showing the Earth from space. The stamp is a high nominal of $11.75.

Landing on the Moon

The second issue, of Jul-08, 2000 is entitled “Landing on the Moon” and features another holographic foil depicting the landing on the Moon. Just like the previous issue, holographic foil is used, and the stamp is again a high nominal of $11.75.

Escaping the Gravity of Earth

The third issue, of Jul-09, 2000 is a 2-stamp sheet. The stamps also use generously holographic foil and present minute details of the Alpha space station, and of two astronauts inside the space station.

Probing the Vastness of Space

The fourth issue of Jul-10, 2000 is a six-stamp block. The Hubble telescope, the New Mexico “Very Large Array” wavelength radio astronomy observatory, the Cerro-Tololo Observatory in Chile, the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, the Mount Wilson Observatory in North California, and the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

Exploring the Solar System

The fifth and last issue of Jul-11, 2000 is entitled “Exploring the Solar System” and shows five different facets of the sun in five hexagonal stamps.

Stamps featured in post: 15; Period: contemporary (2000); Pricing: moderate; Availability: not readily available.

Michel catalogue numbers and catalogue prices for MNH: Space Achievement and Exploration (MiNr. 3357 – 32EUR); Landing on the Moon (MiNr. 3358 – 32EUR); Escaping the Gravity of Earth (MiNr. 3359-3360, 18EUR); Probing the Vastness of Space (MiNr. 3361-3366, 10EUR); Exploring the Solar System (MiNr. 3367-3371, 12EUR). Catalog price of the entire series: 104EUR.

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