The Smurfs on Stamps

This year, the colony inhabited by human-like blue elves that we know under the name of Smurfs is celebrating its 60th birthday! Imagined and inked by Belgian cartoonist Peyo (real name: Pierre Culliford), the Smurfs are a great example of long-living cartoon characters, since their popularity never faded since 1958, the year the first cartoons featuring the Smurfs were published. The characters got their own histories, new Smurfs joined the colony, and now there are at least 100 Smurf characters that are easy to recognize due to their appearance and to their well-constructed histories. Half of them exist ever since the first comics were published.

Of course, there are Smurf comics, and animations, TV series and full-length movies, but there are also various types of merchandise, video games and they are even featured in theme parks. Stamps could not go missing from the Smurf universe, so below you’ll find the official Smurf stamps issued ever since 1984.



The Swiss Post issued two Smurf themed stamps in 2013.


Pictured above the self-adhesive stamps issued in Switerland.


The Netherlands

While the Dutch Post did not issue Smurf stamps as regular series, the Smurfs made it on stamps in the series of personalized stamps issued in the Netherlands.


The personalized stamp above is a stamp-on-stamp example, featuring the original 1984 Belgian stamp issued in the youth philately series – the first Smurf stamp known to mankind.

_United Nations United Nations

In 2017, the UN offices of New York and Vienna issued beautiful stamps for the International Day of Happiness. The stamp sheets use the hashtag #smallsmurfsbiggoals and indicate each sustainable development goals that are meant to ensure happiness.





Belgium is by far the top promoter of Smurf themed stamps. The first Belgiam stamp using a Smurf image was issued in 1984.


Again new stamps were issued in 2008, to celebrate 50 years of Smurfs.



Pictured above the booklet of 10 self-adhesive stamps and the minisheet of Smurf stamps issued in 2008 by the Belgian Post.

Smurf characters made it again on stamps in 2012 on this beautiful sheet from the series “This is Belgium”, this time celebrating Belgium as the homeland of cartoons.


Last but not least, this year, in 2018, the Belgian Post remembered another round anniversary for the Smurfs: 60 years of Smurfs. New stamps were issued on this occasion.



Pictured above the 5-stamp strip and the sheet of stamps issued for the 60th anniversary of the Smurf comics.

Stamps featured in post: 54; Period: contemporary (1984-2018); Pricing: low and moderate; Availability: generally available.


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