Superman on Stamps

In 2018, Superman turns 80 years old! And still – he’s just as nimble and relentless in his pursuit of justice. Still one of the most likeable superheroes of all times, Superman made it several times to be featured on stamps.

us The United States of America

Superman was first featured on an American stamp in 1998, on one of the US Millennium sheets.


Not only was he celebrated as one of the main actors of the 1930’s, but also this stamp was an anniversary one, since the first Superman comics saw the light of day in 1938.

Later on, in 2006 and 2007, USPS issued  two large sheets of 20 stamps each devoted to comics heroes. On the first one, Superman is featured twice, just as Supergirl.



Pictured above, the front and the back of the 2006 sheet.

Superman is pictured on the top row, first position (left to right) and on the third row, first position (left to right). The first one represents a portrait, whereas the second one is the 11th issue of Superman comics, from 1941. Supergirl is pictured on the second row, fourth position (left to right), and on the bottom row, fourth position (left to right). The first Supergirl stamp is also a portrait, while the second one is the cover of the first issue of “The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl” from 1982.



Canada issued Superman stamps on two separate occasions.


Pictured above, the 1995 issue entitled Comic Book Superheroes. Left to right: Superman, Johnny Canuck, Nelvana, Captain Canuck, and Fleur de Lys.



Pictured above, the Canadian stamps issued in 2013 for the 75th anniversary of Superman. The first stamp was issued in a stamp roll, while the remaining 5 were issued as gummed stamps on sheet and also as self-adhesive ones.



The most amazing Superman stamps to date, however, hail from Jersey. Each stamp requires a separate explanation. They were issued in 2013, for the 75th anniversary of Superman, but also as a marketing campaign for the then upcoming “Man of Steel” movie, featuring Henry Cavill, the “new” Superman. If you ask yourselves about the connection between Jersey and Cavill, well, Cavill is a native Jerseyman.


The above stamp is minted using heat-sensitive technology, so as to reveal Planet Earth on the dark background.


This is a foil stamp, using a special printing technique, that allows to visually enhance the physical features of Superman.


The above stamp is transparent, putting into perspective Superman’s flying ability.


Up to speed with nowaday technologies, this stamp can be visualized through a special app for augmented reality – allowing to see images hidden to the naked eye.


What about a glow-in-the dark stamp? This 2013 Jersey issue could not have missed on this very popular minting technology.


Last but not least the six-stamp series includes a stamp made from granite. To make it even more special, the granite used for the stamp was taken from Beauport Bay, Cavill’s favorite spot in Jersey.

The six-stamp series is accompanied by a self-adhesive block with 3d effect.


While the scan cannot make justice to the quality of the sheet, you simply have to get your hands on it and see Superman himself emerging from nowhere and rushing to the rescue.

Stamps featured in post: 53; Period: contemporary (1995-2013); Pricing: low; Availability: with the exception of the Jersey stamps and sheet, issued in a very limited amount, the stamps are generally available.


2 thoughts on “Superman on Stamps

  1. Great article! I have the second set of the Canadian stamps. The Jersey stamps are just amazing, sad to know they aren’t available anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Rafael! Glad to hear you liked it! 😃Occasionally they pop up on eBay. As you may know, Jersey doesn’t need a lot of stamps for internal postage use, so the stamps are being issued mainly for philatelists. It’s even harder therefore to get your hands on circulated Jersey Superman stamps. Take care! ☺️


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