Astrid Lindgren on Stamps

Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) is allegedly world’s fourth most translated author of literature for children, right after far-reaching names such as Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, or Enid Blyton. Her characters are world-famous, including Pippi Långstrump (Swedish original, in English: Pippi Longstocking). Recently, indirect references to her work and characters have been spotted in literature of an altogether different genre, most notably with Stieg Larsson , who used Pippi’s home Villa Villekulla as reference and another character’s name, Kalle Blomkvist, in his “Millennium” trilogy.




Russia honored the life and work of Astrid Lindgren with this 1992 stamp depicting her character Karlsson from “Karlsson on the Roof“. The book was made into an animation film in the 1970’s, and the film subsequently became very popular in the then USSR.




In 1984, Switzerland issued a series of stamps for youth with beloved characters from children’s literature. Pippi Longstocking is also featured in the set.



Germany issued two times stamps devoted to Astrid Lindgren and her work.

The first time it was in the year 2001, in a series of stamps for children. Just like the Swiss series before, favorite characters of children’s literature are pictured in the set.


The second time it was in 2007, in a joint issue with Sweden (see below), for the 100th anniversary of Astrid Lindgren’s birth.




Lindgren’s own home-country has issued stamps devoted to her popular characters as early as 1969.


Pictured above, you can see an 1969 booklet with characters from Lindgren’s books, incl. Pippi Longstocking. The stamps were engraved by Czesław Słania.

In 1987, Astrid Lindgren’s 80th birthday occasioned new stamps being issued.




Pictured above the 10-stamp set, the First Day Cover, and the info insert from the presentation pack.


Astrid Lindgren was also featured on Sweden’s 1996 EUROPA stamps – for the Famous Women Series. The stamp depicting Lindgren (right) features also the Swedish titles of some of her most famous books.


In her year of death (2002), her life and work were commemorated through a booklet including 6 stamps featuring her characters and a single centerpiece of her portrait.


Pippi Longstocking did not have to wait a long time until she was again featured on a stamp. Pictured above – the two sheets of stamps issued in 2006 by the Swedish post to celebrate 50 years of television in Sweden.

For her 100th anniversary of birth, in 2007, the Swedish Post issued two times stamps devoted to her.


Pictured above, the 100th anniversary of birth of Astrid Lindgren block, issued in 2007 as a joint issue with Germany (see above).


Pictured above, the 2007 Swedish Christmas stamp with Pippi Longstocking starring again.

Stamps featured in post: 50; Period: modern and contemporary (1969-2007); Pricing: low to moderate; Availability: some items are scarce.

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