The Argentine Década Ganada on Stamps (2014)

On January-20, 2014, the Argentine Post issued two sets totaling 19 stamps to illustrate the progress done during the so-called Década Ganada (Won Decade). This won decade is set against Década Infame (The Infamous Decade, 1930-1943) which was characterized by instability and turmoil. The years 2003-2013, however, were considered a genuine Argentine boom – despite the various critics of the presidency of spouses Néstor Kirchner (in office 2003-2007) and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (in office 2007-2015).

The first set consists of 9 values.


Top row, left to right: the new identity card, marriage equality for LGBT people, public television, recovery of state-owned enterprises, stoppage of the brain drain.

Bottom row, left to right: credit for the nuclear family, repeal of the impunity law, new open cityhall system, digital television.

The second set consists of 10 values.


Top row, left to right: stabilization of pension plans, telecommunication progress, the Argentine-Bolivian gas pipe, Interamerican integration, opening of universities.

Bottom row, left to right: mass media communication, the program Argentina trabaja (Working Argentina), assisted in vitro, monthly allowance for children, the right to vote for 16-year olds.

As mentioned above, the series of stamps encountered a lot of opposition. It did not take long until parodies of the stamps, under the title Decada Afanada (The Stolen Decade) went viral.


Pictured above – not real stamps, internet parody.

Top row, left to right: keeping the population at the mercy of the state, more cities in poverty, 1st place in regional corruption sttistics, 1st place in robbery in the region.

Bottom row, left to right: 30% inflation, media manipulation, government through lies, living like kings with money from the people (the last stamp pictured said former Argentine presidents Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Despite criticism, I like the design of the stamps. What’s more, the second value of the first set, celebrating marriage equality for LGBT people is definitely a true and positive effect of the Won Decade.

Stamps featured in post: 19; Period: contemporary (2014); Pricing: moderate to high; Availability: scarce.

Michel catalogue no’s (price for mint in € in brackets): 1st series: MiNr: 3533-3541 (55€); 2nd series: 3542-3551 (25€).



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