Rosa Luxemburg on Stamps

Rosa Luxemburg (also: Róża Luksemburg; or Rozalia Luxenburg) was a Polish-German Marxist theorist, philosopher, economist, anti-war activist, and revolutionary socialist. Read more about her on Wikipedia.


German Democratic Republic, 1966. Pictured together with Karl Liebknecht, co-founder of the antiwar Spartacus League.


Federal Germany, 1974. Issued as a series of “Renowned Women”. From left to right: Luise Otto-Peters, Gertrud Bäumer, and Rosa Luxemburg.


German Democratic Republic, 1959. Issued on the 40th anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg’s death. Pictured together with Karl Liebknecht, co-founder of the antiwar Spartacus League.


Soviet Occupation Zone, Berlin, 1949. In memory of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, on the 30th anniversary of their death.


German Democratic Republic, 1971. The 100th anniversary of birth of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.


German Democratic Republic, 1967. Stamps issued on the 50th anniversary of the November Revolution.


German Democratic Republic, 1955. The 20th anniversary of the German Labor Movement. Top row, left to right: Clara Zetkin, Karl Liebknecht, August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht. Bottom row, left to right: Ernst Thälmann, Rosa Luxemburg, Franz Mehring. It’s one of the very rare series in which a father (Wilhelm Liebknecht) and a son (Karl Liebknecht) are pictured.


Stamps featured in post: 19; Period: modern era (1949-1974); Pricing moderate; Availability: readily available with the exception of the Soviet Occupation Zone stamp of 1949.

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