Nadia Comăneci on Stamps

Nadia Comăneci (b. 1961) is a Romanian-born gymnast, best known for being the first gymnast in the history of the discipline to be awarded a 10.00 in the Olympic Games (in 1976, in Montréal).


North Korea



The Netherlands


Personalized stamp, issued in a series of stamps devoted to the 1970’s.

French Upper Volta



Republic of Azerbaijan

014_Nadia_Comaneci_Stamps_ Azerbaijan.jpg






The first Romanian stamps were issued in 1976, on the occasion of the Summer Olympics in Montréal. The stamps issued can be separated into two: a set comprising just six values depicting generic sportsmen and one sheet, none of which alluded to the presence of Nadia Comăneci in the Olympics.



A second set depicts Nadia Comăneci’s performance – it contains stamp and another sheet (imperforated).



The stamps from the second part of the set are important for many reasons – not only because of the national pride and elation caused by a Romanian success of such dimensions. They are also important due to the fact that during the period we are talking about, basically no living person that was not connected to the regime ever made it to a stamp while alive. Some countries hold – or held a similar view even in recent times, however, in the case of Romania, it was the belonging to the Party that decided one’s stamp-worthiness.

Nadia Comăneci was to be present again on Romanian stamps two more times. The first one, in 2001, when her athletic result was deemed to be one of the greatest achievements of the millennium.


The second time, in 2016, in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first 10.00 in gymnastics. The set includes one commemorative stamp (issued in blocks of 5 with two different vignettes):



As well, the set includes two sheets (one perforated, and one imperforated):



The two sheets, although issued in 2016, are already philatelic rarities. Their printrun was 2016 copies (!). Add to that the fact that they were issued in high nominal value (absurd for postal use – approx. 7€ each) – and you can see that they were issued for philatelic purposes, rather than posting ones.

Stamps featured in post: 43; Period: modern era (1976-2016); Pricing: moderate*; Availability: readily available*.

* with the exception of the 2016 set from Romania (see explanation above).


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